Should You Sign a Bond for Your Loved One?

Maybe your loved one had a little too much fun hanging out with friends and a few mixed drinks. Perhaps a friend experienced a night that went too far. These situations are a few of the many scenarios that happen in our lives every single day. Arrests happen and when they do, those collect calls come ringing through when someone in your life has been tossed into jail and needs help to get out. Should you sign that bail bond for the person on the other end of the telephone?

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It’s great that you’ve at least decided to put some thought into the decision of bonding out this person who’s obviously close enough to call you in the time of need. So many people automatically hang up the phone, wanting no parts of the bonding process, even when it is a family member or a very close friend. And while that is understandable, it is nice that people still also understand that life happens and sometimes, behind bars is where it lands you. Thanks to bail bonds bartow fl, it is easier and cheaper to bond a loved one out of jail, but that’s not always the best decision.

By signing a bail bond contract to bond someone out of jail, you agree to be held responsible for this person’s appearance in court on the date and time specified by the courts. The bond is revoked if the individual does not appear in court after which time a bench warrant for their arrest is issued. The person who’s skipped on bail is then arrested and held in jail without bond until another court appearance is scheduled. Never agree to sign a bond for someone whom you question showing up in court.

Furthermore, make sure that signing the bond does not create a bind in your financial situation with your household.  If you cannot care for yourself, taking care of other people shouldn’t be on your mind, especially for such a miniscule problem.  Consider the type of crime the person has been charged with committing, their prior arrest history, and the relationship that you have with this person.